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RG4870 multifunctional acousto-optic alarm

Time:2023/5/20 21:32:40 View: 7752
Application places

Suitable for metallurgy, electric power, oil field, petrochemical and other railway vehicle scheduling for photoacoustic alarm prompt.

Applicable to the transportation industry, all kinds of emergency, construction sites for signal instructions and safety warning.

Structural characteristics of

The use of new red LED as a light source, high brightness, strong signal, visual distance in the 4800 meters above, thick smoke penetration can reach 300-500 meters.

Alarm sound intensity up to 110dB, strong penetration.

Sound and light, strobe, a variety of working modes, using programmable IC control circuit, working mode can be converted at will.

High-energy memory-free battery, good charge-discharge performance, high capacity, can work for more than 25 hours after a full charge.

The humanized electric quantity display design, may promptly inquire the battery quantity. Method of use; Long press the "on" button for 3 to 5 seconds in the closed state,

The bottom of the lamp has a strong magnetic seat, can be directly adsorbed on the surface of the iron plate, easy to use.