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      Wenzhou embellish lighting technology co., LTD. Is a collection research and development, production, sales, industrial lighting lamps and lanterns and the private system of modern lighting industry explosion-proof electric appliance enterprises, for the electric power, railway, metallurgy, coal, petroleum, petrochemical, public security, army, ports, aviation and other industries provide customers a variety of industrial lighting products, high cost performance, reduce the user cost. Main: explosion-proof lights, explosion-proof torch, explosion-proof lamp, explosion-proof lights, portable multi-function floodlights, application of various new techniques, new materials, new technology research and development production of various types of industrial lighting and industrial explosion-proof electrical appliances, mainly covering explosion-proof lamps and lanterns, LED explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof electrodeless lamp, three lamps and lanterns, mobile explosion-proof lamps and lanterns, anti-dazzle emergency lighting lamps and lanterns, explosion-proof electrical appliances and other products.

The company's lighting products are based on the advanced optoelectronics concept, the use of cutting-edge scientific manufacturing technology, based on the in-depth understanding of customer demand information, after repeated tests and tests, the technology reasonable into the product design, to ensure that each product performance is highly stable, highly efficient energy saving, beautiful and fine appearance.

The company always adheres to the strict quality policy, and pursues the business philosophy of "energy saving and environmental protection, high cost performance". All products are made of domestic high-quality raw materials, and the quality system standard ios9001:2008 is strictly implemented in the whole production process. Pay close attention to the development of the international lighting industry and the service requirements of the customers served, apply effective technology, materials and light sources, strictly scientific innovation ideas, in order to achieve the optimization of product performance and function. By referring to the excellent technology at home and abroad, according to the needs of domestic users, design and production of lighting products in line with the needs of domestic users, the real meaning of the product to play its value. Taking customers' demand for products as the starting point, through the design, manufacturing, installation and recycling of energy saving and environmental protection, customers can obtain safe and reliable products with high cost performance and save costs for customers.