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RG6102GF explosion-proof floodlight working lamp

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Scope of application

Suitable for railway, oil field, iron and steel, electric power, public security, fire control, military and other petrochemical enterprises in various operations, accidents, emergency repair, abnormal handling of the need for a wide range of high brightness mobile explosion-proof lighting lamps, can be in a variety of inflammable and explosive places and other work site safety work.

The performance characteristics of

Safety and explosion-proof: this product is manufactured completely in accordance with the national explosion-proof standard, with the highest explosion-proof grade of the flame-proof and safety increasing hybrid type, with excellent explosion-proof effect, and can work safely in various inflammable and explosive places.

High efficiency and reliability: the high-energy memory-free battery can be charged at any time, the storage capacity within half a year after a charge is not less than 85% of the full capacity, and the over-discharge protection circuit is set to protect the battery reliably and extend its service life.

Practical energy saving: 10 3W imported LED light source, high luminous efficiency, long life, good shockproof performance. Strong light flux of 2400 lumens, strong light time up to 25 hours, working light continuous discharge time of 45 hours.

Waterproof and durable: fully sealed process design, can work normally in rainstorm environment, special alloy shell can withstand strong impact and impact.

Convenient and flexible: the lamp holder can be fixed on the lamp body or other supports for use, can also be easily removed from the handheld use, can also be fixed in the air pressure lifting rack 1.2-1.55 meters within the height range of any rise or fall, the lamp body bottom with convenient wheels, can easily move the lamp body on the ground.


1. Light source replacement, charging and lamp disassembly must be carried out in a safe place.

2. Charge the battery in time after each use.